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Doctor James M. Stern graduated from Thomas Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, PA.  He did his internship at Williamsport, PA.
Immediately after internship, Dr. Jim left for Mtshabezi Hospital in Zimbabwe, Africa. 
 He served there as a medical missionary doctor for 10 years. 

Dr. Stern was the only doctor in this remote countryside. He was forced to do many surgical operations "cook book style" in emergency situations.  He discovered that he had a great passion for surgery and decided when he was back in the states to begin training in the field of general surgery.

Upon returning to the states, Dr. Jim did a surgical residency at the University of New York at Buffalo and University of Miami. This training included general surgery as well as fracture care.  In addition, specialized training in the care of broken bones was completed in Switzerland.

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Upon completion of his surgical training and residency, Dr. Stern began practicing in Waynesboro, PA and later moved to London, KY, practicing in eastern Kentucky more than 20 years, until retirement in 2006.

After retirement, Dr. Stern served as Locum Tenens in Wisconsin, filling in for surgeons on leave or vacation.  This was particularly interesting because it allowed Dr. Stern to do his favorite operation, C-sections.

Dr Stern is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons.  

He completed more than 4 years of study in the treatment of overweight, obesity, and related diseases and is Certified by the American Board of Bariatric Medicine.

Dr. Jim  and wife Jean,  opened their Healthy Weight Loss Clinic in Draffenville, KY in January, 2009.  Hundreds of patients have lost weight and greatly improved their health. 

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