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Welcome: Stern Healthy Weight Loss Clinic 
                               Draffenville, KY   270-527-5333                         
Successful Weight Loss-Long Term
James Stern, MD, FACS, Certified by American Board of Obesity Medicine

After a successful career as a general surgeon, Dr. Stern completed training in obesity medicine.  He is the only Board Certified Weight Loss Specialist in western Kentucky.

During the last nine years,  hundreds of our patients have reached goal weight or achieved a normal  BMI (body mass index.) 

Many have reversed Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, High Triglycerides, Sleep Apnea, and Joint pain.

 We teach the correct way to  change your eating habits in order to change your life. 

Medicines are prescribed based on your individual needs.

              Contrary to popular opinion,
obesity is not caused by simply eating too much or being lazy. 
 Obesity has many causes.  Dr. Stern explains
in great detail on your first visit.
Dr. Stern and other MBA professionals have some of the best weight loss success rates in the Country.  Dr. Stern's 9 year success rate is many times the national average, 31+ lbs with 3  return visits.  MBA doctors are located in more than 21 states and are trained and mentored by Dr. Allen Rader. 
Click on for more information on MBA & Dr. Rader. 

To Receive information about our program call 270-527-5333.

If we are unable to answer, please leave name and number. We will return your call.